Jelveh Javaheri’s mother: Security forces are still at our home! They have not given back our key!

Sunday 3 May 2009

Change For Equality: While Kaveh Mozaffari and Jelveh Javaheri are still in jail, the key of their house is still in the hands of security forces.

According to Jelveh Javaheri’s mother, security forces rushed into the house and after seizing Kaveh’s and Jelveh’s properties including their computers, documents, notes, research papers and Cds, they arrested Jelveh without any legal order and took the house-key with themselves.

Gohar Bayat, mother of Jelveh Javaheri, says: “Kaveh’s mother, father and I were there that night. Security forces could have handed the key to us. I am deeply worried. They have arrested Jelveh without any legal order; how can I be convinced that they do not put anything against my daughter at her place?”

Families of Kaveh and Jelveh who had gone to visit the house of their children today (Sunday, May 3rd) has encountered security forces there. Because of the orders of the security forces, the owner of the house has told families not to enter; otherwise they would be in trouble.

These families are worried that security forces put some illegal things at their children house and make much more difficulty for them.

Nasrin Sotudeh, the lawyer of Kaveh and Jelveh, has condemned the behavior of intelligence forces and called for legal action of judiciary system.


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