One Year Suspended Prison Sentence for the period of three years

Appeals Court Reduces Sentence for Parvin Ardalan

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Change for Equality: The sentence issued in the case against Parvin Ardalan has been issued to the office of Shirin Ebadi, Ardalan’s defense lawyer. The said case relates to Ardalan’s arrest in front of the Revolutionary Courts on the 4th of March 2007, during a protest in support of her and 4 other women’s rights activists on trial.

In the original court hearing Ardalan was tried on the following charges: gathering and collusion intent on disrupting national security, disruption of public order, and refusal to obey the orders of the police. In this hearing she was found guilty of the three charges and sentenced to two years suspended prison, for the period of 3 years. In appeals, she was acquitted on the first charge against her but the court found her guilty of the two other charges—disruption of public order and refusal to obey the order so the police, and reduced her original sentence to one year suspended prison sentence for the period of three years—meaning that if in the time span of 3 years she is found guilty of another crime she would have to serve the prison term.

Ardalan was arrested along with 32 other women’s rights activists in front of the Revolutionary Court on March 4, 2007. Women’s rights activists had held a peaceful protest outside the courthouse to object to the trial of 5 of their colleagues, when protesters along with four of the women on trial, including Ardalan, were arrested. At least 12 of those charged and tried in this case have been acquitted.


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