Khadijeh Moghaddam Released after 14 Days

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Change for Equality: Khadijeh Moghaddam, member of Mothers for Peace and the One Million Signatures Campaign, was released today from Evin prison after spending 14 days in detention. Moghaddam was arrested along with 11 others on 26 March, 2009 while meeting up with other women’s rights activists to go for a planned visit with the family of the late Dr. Zahra Baniyagoub, who died in detention, on the occasion of the Iranian New Year.

Ten of those arrested were released on 29 March, 2009, while Mahboubeh Karami and Khadijeh Moghaddam were detained longer. Karami, was released on 7 April, 2009. The twelve arrested were charged with “disrupting public order” and “disrupting public opinion” and a bail order in the form of a third party guarantee by a government employee in the amount of 50 Million Tomans (roughly $50,000) was issued as a condition of their release. The twelve arrested have been arraigned on these charges.

Prior to her release, Moghaddam was informed of another pending case against her, in which she faces charges of “spreading of Propaganda Against the State” and “Disobeying the orders of the Police in front of the Palestinian Embassy.” In relation to this case, a 20 Million Toman Bail order was issued for Moghaddam, who was released after her family posted bail.


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