Khadijeh Moghaddam’s Release Delayed, Mahboubeh Karami Scheduled for Release

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Change for Equality: This morning April 7, 2009 Mahboubeh Karami and Khadijeh Moghaddam were summoned to court from Evin prison for arraignment. Their lawyers Houshang Pourbabaie and Nasim Ghanavi were present during the arraignment. The bail order in the form of a third party guarantee in the amount of 50 million Tomans (roughly $50,000) for Mahboubeh Karami was issued and accepted, but the bail for Khadijeh Moghadam was refused and she was returned to prison.

Nasim Ghanavi the lawyer representing Khadijeh Moghaddam had the following to say in relation to her client’s case: “Ms. Moghaddam provided her defense and she was supposed to be released on bail, but officials at the Judiciary changed their mind. We were told that there is a new case pending against Moghaddam in the first branch of the investigative court of Revolutionary Courts. Citing the new charges against my client, Mr. Heydari Far the investigative judge in the current case, refused to issue a bail order. We are unaware of the new charges against Ms. Moghaddam, and my requests for the judge to charge my client in the new case and issue a bail order allowing for her release were denied.”

Mr. Pourbabaie the lawyer representing Mahboubeh Karami explained that: “my client was charged with disruption of public order and a bail order in the form of a third party guarantee in the amount of 50 million Tomans (roughly $50,000) was issued for her release. Fortunately her brother was able to post bail and Mahboubeh will be released later today.

Khadijeh Moghaddam will unfortunately remain in prison for the time being while the status of the new case against her is clarified. Karami and Moghaddam were arrested with ten other women’s rights activists as they planned to meet on a street corner in Tehran so that they could visit the family of the late Dr. Zahra Baniyaghoub on the occasion of the new year. Dr. Zahra Baniyaghoub died in detention two years ago. Her family continues to mourn her death.


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