Leaflets Against the Family Support Bill and Strangers Who Are Friends

By: Zeinab Peyghambarzadeh

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Translated by: Shabnam Ghafourian

Thanks to our dear policy makers, I have found the motivation to get out of bed these past several weeks. Every day I leave home with a backpack full of leaflets opposing the so-called Family Support Bill. I, who never accepted advertising flyers on the street, have now become a regular distributor. Here you are ma’am, is all I say. But the smiles and sympathetic looks of the female passers-by transform the mundane to revolutionary excitement. Through these flyers, which communicate our thoughts, we become known to so many strangers.

A couple of days ago I discovered a friend through those flyers. I had not walked far when a young lady, to whom I had given a flyer, called after me. She wanted more copies for her mother and brother and wanted to know what else she could do against the bill. I explained how she can contact members of Parliament and the media and showed her the section of the flyer that needed to be sent to policy makers in protest. As we spoke, I realized that she is a fellow Million Signature Campaigner. She took my contact information and several days later appeared at my door. She brought me the best gift: Campaign signatures, which she had spent months collecting, and signatures against the Family Support Bill. She told me about her mother’s interest in joining The Mothers of Peace Committee and asked for their contact number. Several minutes later she left with an armful of flyers.

I stared at the signatures. Each one had a story. I saw her name on the petition forms. She was a dentist. Maybe she collected the signatures during clinic hours. I placed more flyers in front of me and start folding. Maybe I’ll find another new friend tomorrow.

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