Legal Age of Responsibility Working Group Begins Activity

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Change for Equality: In the second year of the One Million Signatures Campaign, activists involved in this effort have started to address more specifically and systematically the laws that they are seeking to change. In line with this development specific working groups have been set up, to work toward the aims of the Campaign and to address one of the ten laws that the Campaign is seeking to change.

One area which Campaign members are seeking to change is the legal age of criminal responsibility which is currently set at 9 years for girls and 15 years for boys. At the same time, the age of legal responsibility in other areas such voting for example tends to be higher for girls and boys, or the legal age of marriage for girls is higher than their legal age of criminal responsibility. The Campaign is seeking to change the age of legal responsibility to 18 for both boys and girls. As such, recently the working group on the legal age of responsibility began its activities. The aim of inaugurating this working group is to examine and get more familiar and knowledgeable about issues surrounding the legal age of responsibility.

This law is among those discriminatory laws which Campaign members are attempting to change by means of face to face education and the collection of signatures. This working group will conduct research activities designed to examine the legal age in Iran as well as that of other countries, especially Islamic countries. A special focus of this working group will be how to address the discrepancies in the different ages of legal responsibility which currently exist in the Iranian legal system.

The working group on the legal age of responsibility was established after the implementation of the working groups on the "equal inheritance" and "collecting signatures."

Photo from Shahrzad Noorani, UNICEF Iran. Visit UNICEF on Flickr


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