Mothers Committee in Rasht Established

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Change for Equality: Some of the members of the Mothers Committee of Tehran had a meeting with active mothers of the Campaign in Rasht. They consulted about the range and kinds of activities which the Mothers Committee in Rasht can take up, and talked about the Campaign and related issues. Following the meeting, the Mothers Committee of Rasht was formed.

In this meeting, at which Maryam Zandi, Khadijeh Moghaddam, Nahid Mirhaj, Nahid Ja’fari, Shahla Entesari, members of the Mothers Committee from Tehran were present, a range of issues were discussed. The recent security pressures on Campaign activists, the effective role of the Mothers Committee in Tehran in encountering these difficulties, the regular programs of the members of the Committee to collect signatures, as well as the various training workshops that active mothers of the Committee have conducted and attended, were discussed during this meeting.

The participants emphasized the special situation of mothers and their advantageous position for engaging in social activism. Mothers are in a particularly good position to collaborate with the Campaign and expand the meaning and role of motherhood from the private sphere to encompass social and broader aspects, because they have reached a relatively stable situation and do not have many of the concerns of younger women such as caring for young children or unpredictable family and social situations.

With the start of activities on the part of the Mothers Committee of Rasht and the support these mothers can bring to younger members of the Campaign, especially with respect to signature collection and security pressures as well as lobbying with officials, we are sure see major improvements, expansion and innovations in the work of the Campaign in Rasht, which has always been among the most active cities involved in the Campaign.

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Translated by: Ali Abdi


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