Arrest Order for Nafiseh Azad Renewed

Saturday 31 January 2009

Change for Equality: Three members of the One Million Signatures Campaign who were arrested in the mountains north of Tehran yesterday while collecting signatures in support of the Campaign’s petition, were taken to the Revolutionary Courts today, where their cases were tended to by an investigative judge.

Nafiseh Azad, Bigard Ebrahimi and a third person who wishes to remain anonymous at this point, were arrested yesterday and interrogated at Vozara detention center this morning before being transferred to the Revolutionary Courts. The Investigative Judge, Mr. Sobhani renewed the temporary arrest order for Nafiseh Azad, charging her with actions against the state through the spreading of propaganda against the state. Nafiseh Azad objected to the arrest order and the charges against her.

In this same court session Bigard Ebrahimi was issued a third party guarantee bail order. Both Nafiseh Azad and Bigard Ebrahim were then transferred to the Police Station One in Darband and then to Vozara Detention Center. It is expected that Bigard Ebrahimi and the other individual arrested yesterday will be released tomorrow on a third party guarantee, but Nafiseh Azad’s charges will be tended to in the Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts tomorrow.

It is worth noting that family members and members of the Campaign were present from early morning at Vozara Detention Center and the Revolutionary Courts to follow up on the case of these women’s rights activists.


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