Members of the Mothers Committee of the Campaign visit with Family of Mehri Moshrefi, Imprisoned Member

Friday 9 January 2009

Change for Equality: Members of the Mothers Committee visited with the family members of Mehri Moshrefi, 53, who is a member of the Mothers Committee of the Campaign and was imprisoned on November 21, 2008 along with her husband Abbas Javad Doost, 57, and her daughter Bahareh Javad Doost 24 and son Peyman Javad Doost, while in Behesht Zahra cemetery visiting the grave of the uncle of her children. It seems that on that day a protest unrelated to women’s rights was taking place in the cemetery during which Mehri Moshrefi and her family members along with 150 protesters were all arrested. Of those arrested 4 women and 31 men were transferred to ward 209 of Evin prison, including Mehri Moshrefi and her family.

Bahareh the daughter of the family was permitted to contact her sister, Azadeh, after two weeks. Azadeh who was unaware of the whereabouts of her parents and siblings had spent 2 weeks with intense levels of stress caused by worry for her family. As a result of this stress, she sought medical attention on several occasions intended to help ease her fears and nerves. After a month imprisonment the two children of the family were released on December 21, 2008. Mehri and her husband still remain in prison. It should be mentioned that Ms. Shirin Ebadi, Nasrin Sotoodeh and Nasim Ghanavi have agreed to serve as legal council for Mehri Moshrefi. The members of the Mothers Committee visited with the family of Mehri Moshrefi in an effort to console her children and relatives and lend support in their time of difficulty.


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