Statement Issued by Defenders of Human Rights Center

End the Violence in Gaza

Thursday 1 January 2009

Change for Equality: The Defenders of Human Rights Center issued a statement on December 31, 2008 condemning the ongoing violence in Gaza.

The Defenders of Human Rights Center is an Iranian human rights organization working to promote human rights, protect human rights defenders and those accused of political crimes through the provision of free legal services and the provision of financial support to the families of imprisoned Iranian social and political activists. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi is a founding member of the Center, which was shut down by authorities on December 21, 2008..

A group of about 150 protesters attacked the home of Ebadi on the morning of January 1, 2009 chanting slogans condemning her silence on the issue of Gaza. This protest took place despite the fact that Shirin Ebadi and other members of the Center have repeatedly spoken against and condemned the violence against Palestinians and the region as a whole. The recent statement issued by the Center is an example of the position Shirin Ebadi and other members of the Center have taken in this respect. The translation of the Statement appears below.

End the Violence
In the Name of God

What has transpired in recent days in Gaza has been cause for serious concern of human rights defenders and supporters of peace around the world. The raw and extreme violence perpetuated in Gaza has injured the conscience of humanity and it is clear that such developments will only work to further endanger sustainable world peace.

The defenseless women and children of the region have been victimized even further by the perpetrators of violence who fathom nothing else but increasing their own power.

The world community has grown tired and impatient with the acts of murder, bloodshed and violence, and what is taking place in Gaza today is yet another example of these bitter and bloody events.

We call upon the international community to react quickly and with force through whatever means possible to end the murder and violence in Gaza, and call upon humanitarian organizations to take necessary steps to defend the basic human rights of the citizens of Gaza and to quickly, seriously and effectively respond to and address the needs of victims in Gaza.

Defenders of Human Rights Center
December 31, 2008

*Picture from the New York Times. Take a look at the New York Times slide show on the Gaza violence.


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