One Million Signatures Campaign Nominated for OneWorld’s People of 2008 Award

Thursday 4 December 2008

Change for Equality: The One Million Signatures Campaign is among ten nominees for the OneWorlds People of 2008 Award. In an editor’s note on the Awards, Jeffrey Allen, the Managing Editor of, has the following to say:

" Due to the overwhelming number of incredible nominations we received, our finalist list has been expanded this year from 8 to 10. Try not to be overwhelmed by the extra dose of inspiration. Proceed with caution. You might find yourself considering a career change. Or volunteering your Saturdays away.

It’s hard not to be moved to action by the stories of aid workers who gave their lives to help others — some in their own communities, others halfway around the world. You’ll discover creative entrepreneurs who are improving lives in India and Africa, and Europe’s "mayor of the future," who’s tackling climate change head on. A woman organizes her community to look after those living with AIDS. Others are fighting for justice in Peru, women’s rights in Iran, and peace in Pakistan and the Middle East. And you’ll meet the incredible women of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who are working everyday to hold their families together despite unthinkable danger and unspeakable personal tragedies.

It will certainly be hard to choose one winner from this list, but we’re asking you to do so anyway. The winner gets additional publicity — and the support that comes with it — for themselves and their cause. It can be an important boon to them, so please vote.

Earlier this month we asked OneWorld editors, readers, and partners worldwide to nominate their "People of 2008." We purposely left the criteria vague to encourage a wide definition and diverse pool of nominees. The only requirement was that nominees embody the values of OneWorld: human rights for all; a fair distribution of the world’s natural and economic resources; simple and sustainable ways of life; the right of every individual to inform and be informed; participation and transparency in decision making; and social, cultural, and linguistic diversity.

We received dozens of nominations representing still just a fraction of the countless individuals and groups doing tremendous work around the world. We try to bring to you as many of their stories as possible on our daily news pages throughout the year. Subscribe to the OneWord Daily Headlines to get your inspiration fix all year long.

And if you know of someone else who should be recognized, please add their story to the "Who Did We Miss?" page.

The 10 finalists were chosen to represent what is best in the fields of human rights and sustainable development. We are proud and excited to honor them one more time. "

Besides the One Million Signatures Campaign 9 other distinguished individuals and groups have been nominated for this award. Read about other nominees on the site of

The activists in the One Million Signatures Campaign are honored to be recognized in this way by their peers internationally and to be nominated along with such distinguished and committed activists and candidates for this year’s OneWorld People of the Year Award."

Last week, the site of the Campaign, Change for Equality, won the Reporters Without Borders Jury Prize of the Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards—The BOBs. Additionally, this week student members of Amnesty International gathered at a conference related to the organization, demonstrated their solidarity with and support for the One Million Signatures Campaign through a video debuted on the internet. This type of independent and spontaneous international support at a time when internal pressures on activists involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign, give us much hope and aspire us to continue along our path.

Read the profile of the Campaign on’s site.

Vote for your favorite nominee.


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