The Site of the Campaign Blocked for the 17th Time

Defense of Women’s Rights Not Allowed!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Change for Equality: In a coordinated move Change for Equality, the site of the One Million Signatures Campaign was blocked by officials for the 17th time, along with several other sites reporting on the Campaign from the provinces.Other sites related to the Campaign which were blocked in this sweeping move of censorship include sites of the Campaign operating from: Hamedan, Azarbaijan, Zahedan, Shiraz, Mashad, Zabol, Amol, Ilam, Kermanshah, Rasht, Arak, and Karaj along with the weblog of the men’s committee, the weblog of the working group on equal inheritance, and the photoblog of the Campaign. . The Campaign’s sites based outside of Iran, including the sites in California, Kuwait, Germany, Cyprus and Sweden have also been blocked.

Additionally women’s sites such as the Feminist School, the Women’s Solidarity Network, and weblogs addressing women’s issues, such as Parandeh Kharzar, Zananeha, Havva, and Free Keyboard were blocked through this mass effort at censorship.

Those based outside of Iran can continue to access our site through the following address:

Those accessing our site inside Iran can do so at the following address:


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