Court Session for Khadijeh Moghaddam and Akbar Khosrowshahi Held

Friday 7 November 2008

Change for Equality: The court session for charges brought against Khadijeh Moghaddam and her husband Akbar Khosrowshahi was held on Monday November 3, 2008 in the 15th Branch of the Revolutionary Courts. Moghaddam was arrested by security police in her home in April of 2008 and subsequently spent a week in Vozara Detention Center and a day in Evin prison. In court, Moghaddam faced three charges, as follows: propaganda against the state, gathering and collusion with the intent of disrupting national security, and refusal to obey the orders of the police. Her husband, Akbar Khosrowshahi was charged with spreading propaganda against the state, in relation to the interviews he conducted in support of his wife while she was in detention.

In an interview with the site of Change for Equality, Nasrin Sotoodeh, the lawyer representing Moghaddam and Khosrowshahi, explained: "we presented out defense in the case to the court. The main charge agains Ms. Moghaddam actually was refusal to obey the orders of the police. In support of their case, the prosecution relied on multiple summons issued by the security police for Moghaddam, which had not reached my client. Of course we pointed to this face in the court session. We hope that the court will take this issue into consideration."

In this respect, Khadijeh Moghaddam explained that the court session and the exchanges in court were very civil. She explained further: "unitl the time of my arrest, I had never received any summons. At the same time, there were several summons in the case against me, which I had never seen before. In my absence and according to law, they could have left these summons with the superintendent of our building."

Moghaddam had hosted several meetings related to the Campaign in her home. Prior to her arrest, a memorial ceremony in honor of her deceased mother-in-law was disrupted and canceled by the security police. At the close of the court session, Moghaddam emphasized that she may still pursue her legal right to lodge a complaint against the security police for the illegal nature of her arrest.


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