Security Officials Ban Sussan Tahmasebi from Travel, Search Her Home and Seize Property

Sunday 26 October 2008

Change for Equality: Early this morning on October 26, 2008, security officials at Imam Khomeini Airport confiscated the passport of Sussan Tahmasebi, women’s rights defender and member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, preventing her from travel.
Following Tahmasebi’s return to her house at 10:00am, she was faced with 5 security agents at her door, who presented her with a court order to search her home. The security officials, while filming the home, seized a number of CDs, books, writings, texts addressing peacebuilding, cassette tapes and a Laptop. The security officials also presented a summons to Tahmasebi, which requires that she present herself to Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts within three days. The summons was issued over a month ago.

In this respect, Sussan Tahmasebi in an interview with the site of Change for Equality explained that: “this morning security officials from the office of the President paged me after I had already passed the passport checkpoint. They proceeded to confiscate my passport, and in so doing prevented me from travel.” This member of the One Million Signatures Campaign continued by explaining: “This is the fourth time that security officials have prevented me from traveling under different pretenses. Despite my repeated inquiries I was provided with no information on the reason for their action and the case on which I am being called to the Revolutionary Courts.”

Sussan Tahmasebi was planning a trip to the United States to visit with her family and had planned to speak at several conferences on the One Million Signatures Campaign and women’s rights in Iran.


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