Site of the Campaign Blocked for 16th Time

Sunday 12 October 2008

Change for Equality: In yet another attempt to silence the demand for equality and the voice of activists involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign, the site of the Campaign, Change for Equality was blocked. This constitutes the sixteenth time Change for Equality has been blocked. Those accessing our site from outside of Iran, can continue to do so on the original address of the site, which we will continue to update, along with any future domains. The original address of the site of Change for Equality is:

Our newest address, for those accessing the site from inside the country is:

Authorities have continually blocked sites related to the Campaign, as well as other sites addressing women’s issues. Each time those operating these sites, establish new domains where readers can once again access information about women’s issues and the Campaign, demonstrating our commitment to change and equality for women.


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