Honor Killing in Kermanshah Province

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Kurdistan Human Rights Watch News Agency: According to reports submitted on Monday September 1, 2008, from women’s rights defenders in West Islamabad in Kermanshah Province, a 29 year old woman with the initials N.R has been killed by her own brother. This young woman had been separated from her husband and was living in her parents home with her 10 year old son.

N.R was murdered by her brother, 26, who claimed that his sister’s separation had dishonored the family. At first, city residents and family members had claimed that the 29 year old woman had died as a result of a driving accident. But soon, it became apparent that this was no accident and that she had in fact been murdered by her younger brother, who had beaten her over the head with a metal bar and thrown her from the car. The brother accused of murdering 29 year old N.R. has since been arrested and is currently in custody.


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