Anniversary Special

Campaign’s Anniversary In Rasht

Saturday 30 August 2008

Site of the Campaign in Rasht: Activists in Rasht once again utilized a variety of strategies to commemorate the second anniversary of the One Million Signatures Campaign in Rasht. Some of the activities taken up by activists in Rasht are described below:

Distribution of Brochures:
Brochures, 20 pages in length, which included easy to read articles addressing legal discriminations faced by women, statistics, poetry and information about the Campaign and its site, were distributed broadly to the public. This brochure will be placed on the site of the Campaign in Rasht in the coming days.

Anniversary Post Cards
The Arts Committee of the Campaign in Rasht designed a series of post cards commemorating the second anniversary of the Campaign, which have been distributed to the public. Prior to this, the Arts Committee in Rasht had designed post cards on the occasion of March 8th and Norooz, the Iranian New Year.

A variety of pins were also designed and ordered, in commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of the Campaign.


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