The First Workshop of the Campaign on the Family Protection Bill Convened

Saturday 23 August 2008

Change for Equality: The first workshop of the One Million Signatures Campaign on the Family Protection Bill, intended to examine and analyze the different components of this draft piece of legislation was held in Tehran on August 1, 2008. A number of activists involved in the Campaign in Tehran, Semnan and Isfahan were present at this workshop. The workshop was lead by Zohreh Arzani, lawyer, and member of Education Committee of the One Million Signature Campaign in Tehran. Ms. Arzani was present at this meeting to provide an overview and analysis from a legal perspective. According to the drafters of this legislation, the bill is intended to streamline the process of family adjudication, address shortcomings within the law, and bring the law inline with current social realities. The provisions included in this bill, however, attest to a different reality. This Bill not only does not correspond with the realities of Iranian women’s lives, its legal provisions and various Articles are a step in the wrong direction, pushing us back over 42 years.

The Education Committee of the One Million Signatures Campaign will continue to convene such workshops intent on raising awareness and knowledge among Campaign activists and other interested individuals regarding the problems with the proposed "Family Protection Bill", which will be presented to the full Parliament for review and passage any day.

Read the Statement of the Coalition of Women’s Rights Activists and Groups Against the Family Protection Bill.

Translated by: Sussan Tahmasebi


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