High Bail Amount Set for Release of Mahboubeh Karami

Monday 14 July 2008

Change for Equality: On Saturday morning, July 12, 2008, Houshang Babai’e the Lawyer representing Mahboubeh Karami went to the 2nd branch of the security investigative court to follow up on the status of his client’s case. He was told that a bail amount of 100 Million Tomans (rougly $110,000) has been set for the release of Mahboubeh Karami. Karami’s family however has announced that they are not in a position to post such high bail for her release.

Yesterday, several members of the Mothers Committee of the One Million Signatures Campaign went to Karami’s home to visit with her ailing mother. During this time, Mahboubeh happened to phone her family from Evin Prison. She informed family members that she has been moved to a new section in Evin Prison, where those charged with financial crimes are being held. Mahboubeh Karami was in good spirits and expressed hope that she would soon be released.

Last week, Mahboubeh along with 9 other women arrested in relation to the protest in Mellat Park went on hunger strike to object to their conditions in detention, their lack of access to pen and paper for writing of letters to prison and court officials and the unclear legal status of their cases after their arrests. Following the announcement of the hunger strike, 58 activist mothers wrote an open letter to the public and to officials objecting to the continued detention of Mahboubeh Karami and lack of responsiveness and accountability on the part of officials in clarifying the condition of her arrest. The letter pointed to the fact that Mahboubeh had been arrested while traveling past a protest on a bus, and was not participating in the protest, and as such was innocent. Additionally, the letter noted the illness of Mahboubeh’s mother, who is suffering from cancer and who had surgery a few days after her daughter was arrested. The mothers signing this letter demanded that officials be responsive to the case and asked for the immediate release of Mahboubeh who was arrested on June 23, while passing by a protest unrelated to women’s rights.


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