Nasrin Sotoodeh and Mansoureh Shojaee Summoned to Revolutionary Courts

Monday 14 July 2008

Change for Equality: According to reports, Nasrin Sotoodeh and Mansoureh Shojaee have been summoned to appear in the Revolutionary Courts.

Nasrin Sotoodeh is a well known lawyer who has voluntarily represented many women’s rights activists, especially those involved in the One Million Signatures Campaign. Sotoodeh is also known for her legal activism on behalf of abused children and under 18 youth sentenced to be executed. According to the summons received on Saturday July 12, 2008, Sotoodeh has three days to appear in court.

Mansoureh Shojaee, is a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, member of the women’s cultural center, and member of the editorial board of the Feminist School website. She received a similar summons to court which states that she has three days to appear in court. In past cases pending against her, Shojaee was represented by Sotoodeh.

The written summons, contrary to legal requirements to do so, did not provide information about the charges on which these two women’s rights activists have been summoned. Shirin Ebadi will be representing Nasrin Sotoodeh and Mansoureh Shojaee in this case.

Source: Feminist School



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