Change for Equality Blocked for Eleventh Time

Saturday 28 June 2008

Change for Equality: Change for Equality, the official site of the One Million Signatures Campaign was blocked once again on June 20, 2008. This is the eleventh time that the site has been blocked by authorities since the inception of the Campaign on August 2006. On June 23, four other sites related to the Campaign have also been blocked, including sites operating from the city of Amol, Karaj, Zabol, and Hamedan.

The new address of the site Change for Equality is:

Earlier the site of PhotoChange, the site dedicated to posting pictures about the Campaign, was also blocked. Since then, a new domain has been established for this site, which can now be accessed at:

Approximately one month prior to the blocking of Change for Equality, 12 websites related to the Campaign and or addressing women’s issues were also blocked. Some of these sites operate from other countries, but most are based in various cities in Iran. The 12 Campaign related which were blocked in this mass action, included the sites of the Campaign in Shiraz, Isfahan, Rasht, Azarbaijan, Mashad, Araq, Zahedan, Kurdistan, Cyprus, California, Men for Equality (the site of the Men’s committee of the Campaign) and the site of Change for Equality (blocked for the tenth time). Other women’s sites were also blocked in this mass action. These included: Women’s Organization of Iran (Kanoone Zanane Irani), the Feminist School, Women’s field and the Women’s Solidarity Network. All these sites have since established new domains and are now accessible by users in Iran.

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  • Campaign in Italy, received by regional government

    22 July 2008 08:53, by Annet Henneman

    I am Annet Henneman, director of theatre reportage telling since ten years the stories of the people without voice. Trying to bring also together the ones without voice and the ones who govern and make laws. You can find more information on
    Have no idea if you will get this email because I know that the signing for the campaign does not arrive. Please let me know as soon as possibile. Today with our theatre reportage group we will be received as a group of iranian woman asking the sustain for your campaign to the regional government of Tuscany based in Florence, we will do a theatre reportage , ask the regional government to sustain you, adn they will because they will receive us officially.
    If we know that you are receiving this email I will keep in contact with you. So please let me know something.
    Friendly greetings and thanks for yout time


    View online :

  • スタビ

    24 September 2008 16:30

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