Hana Abdi’s Mother Concerned for Health of Daughter

Saturday 28 June 2008

Change for Equality: In a telephone interview with the site of Change for Equality, Hana Abdi’s mother claimed that the 5 year prison sentence to be served in exile in the city of Garmi in West Azarbaijan Province, issued in the case of her 21 year old daughter, is unjust. Abdi’s mother explained further that her daughter Hana, suffers from a back problems and arthritis. Hana’s mother, visits with her daughter who has been in prison since November 6, 2007, explained that: "Hana too does not believe this sentence to be just and feels that she does not deserve such a harsh sentence."

For more information on the status of Hana Abdi’s case, read the interview with Dr. Sharif, the lawyer representing Hana.


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