Mahboubeh Karami, Member of Campaign Arrested

Saturday 14 June 2008

Change for Equality: Mahboubeh Karami, a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign was arrested on the morning of Friday June 13th. Karami’s mother has confirmed this information and has explained that: "At 10:00 am on Friday Mahboubeh left the house on an errand. She contacted me on her way back and informed me that she is on a bus coming back from Tajrish Square. A little bit later, she called again, and said that she was being arrested. She was close to Mellat park at this point."

Rezvan Moghaddam a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign has tried to follow up on the status of Mahboubeh’s case. She went to Vanak Square to inquire about whether Mahboubeh Karami had been transfered to a detention center there. Unfortunately Moghaddam was unable to obtain any information regarding Mahboubeh Karami.

Mahboubeh’s mother, Ms. Mosaedi, explained that: "Our inquiries regarding Mahboubeh have had no results thus far and we have no information about her whereabouts and her legal status. Her brother has gone to Vozara detention center to ask about Mahboubeh, but has been told that no such person is being held at that location." Mahboubeh’s mother has a heart operation scheduled in the next few days and she has to go to the hospital on Saturday. But the stress brought about from Mahboubeh’s arrest makes the upcoming operation a difficult and risky one for her. She wishes that her daughter is released quickly.

Read the article Mahboubeh has written about the illness of her mother and the arrest of her colleague Khadijeh Moghaddam.


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