Amir Yaghoubali Sentenced to One Year Mandatory Prison Term

Sunday 25 May 2008

Change for Equality: Amir YaghoubAli, a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, has been sentenced to one year mandatory prison term. In an interview with Change for Equality, Nasrin Sotoodeh, the lawyer representing Amir Yaghoubali explained: "today, May 25, 2008, the decision of the court regarding the case of Amir Yaghoubali was officially conveyed me as his lawyer. The courts have found Amir guilty of actions against national security through the spreading of propaganda against the state, and have sentenced him to one year mandatory prison term."

Sotoodeh explained further that: "Mr. Yaghoubali was arrested in a public park while collecting signatures in support of the Campaign’s petition asking the Parliament for revision of laws that discriminate against women. Since the collection of signatures is not considered to be an illegal act by any of the laws in our country, and as such is a totally legal activity, I along with the other two lawyers, Ms. Shirin Ebadi and Ms. Leila Alikarami, who are also representing Mr. Yaghouba intend to object to the court’s decision and appeal the ruling."

Amir Yaghoubali is a member of the Men’s Committee of the One Million Signatures Campaign. He was arrested on July 11, 2007, in Andisheh Park in Tehran, while collecting signatures in support of the Campaign’s petition. After his arrest he was transferred to Evin Prison’s Ward 209, managed by the Security Ministry, where he remained in detention for 29 days.


  • Amir Yaghoubali Sentenced to One Year Mandatory Prison Term

    27 May 2008 12:53, by Supporter of human rights and particularly women’s rights, everywhere.

    This is shocking news. All thinking men should be outraged and do all in their power to support agencies which might be able to get this man released, as well as suppoting agencies which can carry on the struggle against this appalling regime.

    However, it shows just how afraid, ever more backward-looking, abusive and repressed, this Irania regime is.

    These people, mostly unworldly men, are not worthy of being called human. Humans are social beings having the capacity for empathy, love and the pursuit of equality. This Iranian regime has no understanding of any of those concepts. They relish in wielding power and oppression over half their population and know nothing of the delight of equitable social interaction between men and women.

    Real men they are not. Real men take pleasure in supporting freedom and equality of both men and women. Real men enjoy equal social interaction with women. Real men strive to understand science, sociology, psychology and philosophy, and apply the very best of all these rational pursuits for the benefit of all.

    These despotic tyrants are afraid of such ideals because they know that by embracing them they will be forced to confront their own pathetic inadequacies and the stranglehold they have over women.


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