Dolores Huerta and Dr. Nafis Sadigh Support One Million Signatures Campaign

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Campaign for Equality (One Million Signatures Campaign in Los Angeles):

By: Roja Bandari

The fourth annual global women’s rights awards was hosted by feminist majority foundation in Beverly Hills on May 7. In this ceremony three individuals were awarded for their work in several areas of family planning, accessible contraception and safe abortion. These three individuals were Maria Luisa Sanchez Fuentes from Mexico, Dr. Solomon Orero from kenya, and Dr. Nafis Sadik from Pakistan.

At the end of this award ceremony we personally asked Dr. Sadik if she has heard about the Iranian women’s Campaign for One Million Signatures and she said that she had heard about it a little and after more explanation, she added her signature to the campaign petition. Dr. Sadik is currently the special envoy to the United Nations for HIV/AIDS in Asia and has previously served as the Executive Director of the UN Population Fund. Chairing the landmark 1994 Conference on Population and Development where she put women’s health and equality on top of the world’s development agenda.

Another distinguished person who was present as a guest at this ceremony was Dolores Huerta, an advocate of farm workers’ rights in the US. She formed the Farm Workers Association in 1955 along with Cesar Chavez and she has relentlessly worked to protect the rights of farm workers. Dolores Huerta who is now 78, is a respected figure in labor rights and civil rights in California.

Dolores Huerta also signed the campaign petition after we introduced her to this movement.

Read the article on the site of the Campaign in Los Angeles.


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