Visit of Tehran Campaign Members with Campaign Members in Mashad

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Change for Equality: A series of meetings between Campaign members in Tehran and Mashad took place in Mashad. The meetings also included participants active in the Student movement in the city. The discussions during these meetings included issues such as the demands of the Campaign, strategies for collection of signatures, and religion and Islamic Jurisprudence. Two members of the Campaign in Mashad who are also lawyers, responded to the legal issues raised during these meetings. One student activist who was present in these meetings, criticized the Campaign and the women’s movement in general for becoming more political [rather than addressing women’s concerns in the context of social issues].

The meetings also included reports on activities of the Campaign in Mashad and in Tehran. Activists in Mashad explained that they have been holding regular meetings and trainings addressing legal issues. Mashad activists also reported on the strategies they have utilized to reach out to citizens with the message of the Campaign and to collect signatures. Campaign members from Tehran also provided information on their activities.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to share experiences, offer new strategies for awareness-raising among citizens about the negative impact of laws on the lives of women and on society at large and division of responsibilities between activists involved in the Campaign. The meeting was successful in building solidarity and cooperation between Campaign activists in different cities.

Take a look at the site of the Campaign in Mashad


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