Training Workshop on Citizen’s Rights Held in Isfahan

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Change for Equality: The first training workshop since the start of the Iranian New Year (March 21, 2008) was held in Isfahan, on May 3, 2008. The workshop, which was held in the city of Isfahan, addressed citizen’s rights. Three trainers from the Campaign in Tehran conducted the workshop and 12 participants from Isfahan attended. The Citizen’s training workshop addressed issues different aspects of laws and citizen’s rights. The legal component of this training was conducted by Zohreh Arzani, Lawyer, women’s rights defender, and a founding member of the Campaign. At the close of the Training, participants discussed issues related to the Campaign. The workshop participants stressed the importance of a network structure within the Campaign, and emphasized that all activists should work within the general guidelines outlined within the three main documents of the Campaign: the Campaign’s petition, intended for the parliament, The impact of discriminatory laws on the lives of women, and the document "About the Campaign" which outlines the outreach strategies to be used by Campaign activists. All participants agreed that the activities of the Campaign in each city takes shape based on the needs and circumstances of the activists in each city and the cultural issues in each city.

Citizen’s rights training workshops are intended to familiarize Campaign activists with their legal rights within the Iranian legal system, and to increase awareness.

Take a look at the site of the Campaign in Isfahan


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