The Campaign Begins Activities in Zabol, Sistan Baluchestan Province

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Change for Equality, May 7, 2008: The site of the Campaign in Zabol, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, was launched following the first training workshop on the Campaign. The report issued by activists in this city provides the following explanation: "on the 5th of May the first training workshop on the Campaign was held in Zabol. Ten women’s rights activists attended the workshop, which was held in the home of one of the participants. The training included an introduction on the Campaign, its history, and the need for awareness-raising about gender inequities promoted by the law, which was followed by a discussion on the status of women in the city of Zabol, and the identification of strategies for moving the Campaign forward in the city. Following these activities parts of the training video on the Campaign, developed by the Training Committee of the Campaign in Tehran was viewed by participants."

Members of the Campaign in Zabol explained about the difficult situation of women in the city. "Zabol is a very traditional city, with a patriarchal mindset, limiting women greatly. Violence against women, and in general violence, is the major problem in the city, which ranks very high on this indicator. There are women who have been punished through use of weapons such as knives and bats, and also punches and kicks. I think all the discriminatory issues raised in the brochure of the Campaign, which explains about laws that discriminate against women, is practiced by the men in Zabol. In general the men [in Zabol] feel like they are entitled to these rights."

Take a look at the site of the Campaign in Zabol


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