Photo Change, the photoblog of the Campaign Blocked


Monday 28 April 2008

Change for Equality: Access to the photo blog of the One Million Signatures Campaign, Images for Equality has been blocked by the authorities. This site began its official activities in August of 2007, and aims to document through pictures the activities of activists in the Campaign, as well as their meetings and events.

The last pictorial on the site included photos of Khadijeh Moghaddam’s release from prison, after she spent nine days in detention. Images for Equality is still accessible for those based outside of Iran. Those based in Iran, can access the site through proxy. The official site of the Campaign, Change for Equality, has been blocked 10 times by authorities. Related sites in the provinces have also been blocked several times. Websites remain the only form of communication available to activists involved in the Campaign, and are the only means through which they can share information about the Campaign, their activities, issues, achievements, and events, besides face to face approaches.



    13 May 2008 18:46, by Theresia Kandler

    Dear Women’s Rights Activists,

    We greatly admire your courage and persistance and we are very concerned that you have to face so many problems and are confronted with so much antagonism.
    Our thoughts are with you and we are collecting signatures for your campaign in Austria.
    Don’t give up!

    Our best wishes


    Women’s Rights Network, AI-Austria


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