Report of Activities of the Men’s Committee of the Campaign in Tehran

Sunday 13 April 2008

Change for Equality: The Men’s Committee of the Campaign began its activities in the Fall of 2006, and plans to continue its activities until Campaign activists reach their goal of collecting one million signatures. To date, the men’s committee has conducted the following activities:

• Convening of 12 workshops for men interested in volunteering for the Campaign. Approximately 120 persons have been trained through these workshops. Additionally a special workshop was held for male university students, with 15 participants and a workshop was implemented in partnership with Campaign activists in Karaj, where 10 volunteers were trained. Four members of the men’s committee comprise the team of trainers and they have come up with a special training program designed for the male audience;

• Convening of bi-weekly reading groups. To date 18 such meetings have been held addressing women’s issues as well as the issues related to the Campaign;

• Establishment of a weblog for the Committee and regular updating of the site with articles and reports; and

• Collection of signatures, which is the most important duty of the volunteers involved in the men’s committee. This activity is carried out individually or in small groups.

Currently there are 15 active members involved in the men’s committee of the Campaign.

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