Mothers Committee Reports Latest News about Hana Abdi and Ronak Safarzadeh

Saturday 29 March 2008

Change for Equality: Khadijeh Moghaddam, of the Mothers’ Committee of the Campaign, contacted the families of Ronak Safarzadeh and Hana Abdi on the occasion of the New Year. During this contact, Ms. Moghaddam learned that both of these women’s rights activists continue to remain in Sanandaj prison. Ronak’s mother told Khadijeh Moghaddam: "Ronak caught a very bad cold and has a sore throat. However, for the New Year, Hana helped to decorate the women’s section of the prison with newspapers and paintings which brought a breath of spring to the prison". At the last meeting Ronak had with her mother, which took place on the last Tuesday of the old year (18 March 2008), she was in good spirits and insisted on her innocence. "Ronak said I have committed no crime and have only defended the rights of women". Her mother said that on Saturday, 3 Farvadin (29 March 2008), she took some medicine to the prison to soothe Ronak’s cough, hoping for a meeting, though a meeting was not allowed, prison officials accepted the medicine.

Khadijeh Moghaddam also spoke to Ronak’s father, and said, "Ronak’s father thanked the Campaign mothers for following up on Ronak’s case. He said, ’Without Ronak, Spring has not come to our house. You don’t know what a warm-hearted, kind and loving daughter she is’. Her sister also said that her only wish was for Ronak’s release."

Hana Abdi’s mother also sent New Years greetings to all of Hana’s friends while expressing her concern about her daughter’s situation. She asked, "When will our children be freed?" She said, "It seems that they are still not convinced that my daughter is innocent of the charges on which she has been accused. Please pray for my daughter’s release". Hana’s mother also met her on Tuesday, and has not been able to meet her during the New Year holidays.


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