Campaign Activists Commemorate International Women’s Day in Karaj

Tuesday 25 March 2008

Change for Equality: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8th, a statement outlining the history of international women’s day, the statement of the Campaign, and an explanation of the laws which it seeks to change, was distributed in three of the busiest sections of the city of Karaj. This effort was carried out by three members of the Campaign in Karaj, who distributed the materials between 5-9pm.

During these four hours, approximately 400 information packets were distributed to citizens who were out and about in preparation for the Iranian new year (March 20th). Of course despite the upcoming elections and the atmosphere of election campaigning, the statements distributed by Campaign members, were successful in gaining the attention of citizens. Some citizens expressed concern over the information that was being distributed and viewed as inflammatory. But beyond this limited reaction, Campaign members in Karaj did not face any particular problems. Of interest is the fact that Campaign activists in Karaj, focused their efforts on women, and distributed these packets largely to them. But on several occasions men displayed great interest and were curious to learn more about the content of the packets.

Unfortunately, and given the presence of police throughout the city, Campaign activists in Karaj did not have enough time to engage in discussions with citizens about the contents of the packets. Despite this, citizens receiving these packets expressed interest and asked questions.

Certainly the face-to-face approach, which allows for a two-way relationship to develop, is the ideal strategy for Campaign activists to discuss their demands with citizens. But given the limited resources and security concerns, activists in Karaj had to limit themselves to a quick distribution of packets and statements in high numbers in public spaces. Nevertheless, according to these women’s rights activists, "this was a very interesting and enjoyable experience."

Translated by: Sussan Tahmasebi


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