The "One Million Signatures Campaign" has started work in Tabriz

Tuesday 20 February 2007

The Training Committee for the "One Million Signatures For Changing Gender Discrimination Regulations" Campaign has started its first workshop in Tabriz, on the 15 th and 16th of September, after already holding two training sessions in Tehran.

The workshop was held with the participation of Ms. Feeroozeh Mohajer, Ms. Zahra Arzani, Ms Khadeejeh Moghaddam and Ms. Shahla Entesari. Twenty three women activists from Tabriz as well as members of other private organizations were present.

The training workshops were held with the purpose of familiarizing the signature collection volunteers with women’s rights materials, the campaign’s goals, explanations of the various aspects of the movement as well as the different methods of interfacing with people for the campaign. In the workshop Khadeejeh Moghaddam made speeches in regards to how the campaign is to take form and discussed the various difficulties that women participants may face. She also spoke about the past experiences of other campaign members. Feeroozeh Mojaher talked about the history of the worldwide feminist movement and recounted the experiences of many Non-Iranian feminists. Zahra Arzani spoke about the violations of women’s rights in Iranian laws, the importance of awareness and familiarization of women with these discriminatory regulations as well as recognizing their effects on the lives of men and women today. Shahla Entesari ended the first day with discussions in regards to the goals and explanations of the various features of the campaign.

On the 2nd day of the workshop participants were familiarized with methods of conducting the face to face signature collections and they went over the discriminatory laws again with a group review. Detailed analysis of the objectives and strategies of the One Million Signatures Campaign also took place. At the end of the session, members took the first steps of extending the movement in Tabriz by forming training, public relations and financial committees



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