Parvin Ardalan, Banned from Travel While on Way to Receive Olaf Palme Award

Monday 3 March 2008

Change for Equality: Parvin Ardalan was banned from travel early this morning, March 3, 2008, while on her way to Stockholm, Sweden, to take part in a ceremony in her honor as the recipient of the 2007 Olaf Palme Award. Ardalan, went through the passport check point and boarded the plane without problems, but was forced to depart the plane when security officials prevented the plane from take off, on the excuse that she was banned from travel.

In an interview with Change for Equality, Ardalan explained: "I did not have a travel ban, and during the passport check I was not told as such. But after I boarded the plane, they announced my name and airport security officials boarded the plane. They told Air France officials that I was banned from travel and that I could not exit Iran. They also seized my passport. Instead they gave me an court order, which requires me to turn myself in to the security branch of the passport office within 72 hours."

The Olaf Palme foundation, which is an independent and non-governmental entity, has awarded its annual 2007 prize to Parvin Ardalan, for her activism on behalf of women and within the Iranian women’s movement.

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