Who is Jelve?

Saturday 1 December 2007

Who is Jelve?

Jelve Javaheri was born in 1977. She received her Bachelor degree in computer engineering. Presently, she is working toward a Masters of Art degree in Sociology at Alzahra University.

She started her social activism with the student movement in the late 1990s, and later joined the women’s movement.

She is one of the co-founders of “Hastia Andish Center” a leading women’s NGO, focused on promoting women’s rights, through education. The organization has addressed a variety of issues concerning women, including violence against women, HIV/AIDs, and women’s empowerment. Much of the work of this organization was carried out through media and educational activities. Jelve was responsible for “Hastia Andish” bulletin (an internal publication), creating the website for the center and serving as its editor, and also the facilitation of many workshops for young women focusing on women’s empowerment, domestic violence, violence against women, among some topics. In 2006, she resigned from “Hastia Andish Center” and started her independent work on women’s issues.

Her work with One Million Signature Campaign is one of her most important work at this time. She is one of the founders of the Campaign, and has been very active in demanding the change in discriminatory laws against women, through this effort. Amongst the works that Jelve has done are: setting up workshops, translations, interviews, journalism, sociological studies on women’s issues and publishing on a variety of websites and other media.

At the present, Jelveh is under temporary arrest by Security Branch of Tehran Revolutionary Court. She is accused of “taking actions against national security and disrupting public opinion”. It also should be mentioned that there will be another court proceeding for her on December 17, 2007 following the arrest of the 33 members of women’s movement on March 4, 2007.

During her time in Prison, Jelve, with the assistance of other members of the Campaign, has managed to set up a fund to assist in the release of female prisoners and/or their adjustment to a new life after release. The starting funds for this effort were provided from the money she and Kave Mozafari, received as gifts for their wedding, in October. Along with Maryam and other members of the Campaign, Jelve is currently working to save the life of Raheleh, a young woman accused of murder who is scheduled for execution on Wednesday December 18, 2007.

Jelve has published numerous articles on women’s issues. Some of those articles include:

1. Women and the Internet (published on the site of Hastia NGO)

2. Women Resisting Pressures while Facing Increased Risks and Costs (Zanestan website of Women’s Cultural Center)

3. The Sweet Discussion on "Taking Advantage" of the Women’s Movement (Zanestan Website of the Women’s Cultural Center)

4. The Human Rights of Women Refugees (Website of Hastia NGO)

5. Feminists Critics (Women’s Letter)

6. Turkmen Girls Trapped by Patriarchal and Tribal Traditions (Website of Hasti NGO)

7. The Never Ending Pain of Japanese Prostitutes in Servitude to the Military (Translation)

8. Women in Freud’s Theory of Psychoanalysis (Website of Hastia NGO)

9. Women from the Perspective of Stewart Mill (Website of Hastia NGO)

10. Women from the Perspective of Arthur Schopenhauer (Website of Hastia NGO)

11. Women Peace Builders, the Protectors of Life (Website of Hastia NGO)

12. The Womanization of Refugee Employment (Translation)

13. Life on the Basis of Male Standards (Translation)

14. Laws Written in the Heart of the People will Count (Change for Equality, Site of the Campaign)

15. Gender Discriminatory Cliches: Who do they Benefit? (Site of Hastia NGO)

16. Japanese Women’s Campaign to Address Employment Discrimination (Translation)

17. The Family Support Act and the Future of our Daughters (Change for Equality, Site of the Campaign)

18. Women’s Demands (Translation, Published in Women’s Quarterly)

19. The Spaces that we Create Anew (Change for Equality, Site of the Campaign)

20. Decentralized Approach; Centralized Statement (Change for Equality, Site of the Campaign)

21. Equal Protection under the Law: Even when Women are at Fault

22. A year with the Campaign: Acquired Lessons from a Shift to Horizontal Power Structure (Translated into English)

23. Equal Protection under the Law: Even when Women are At Fault (Translated into English)

Jelve Javaheri’s Lawyer: Written Court Permission Required Prior to Meeting with My Client

Change for Equality: December 7, 2007: Change for Equality: Zohreh Arzani, the lawyer representing Jelve Javaheri, a women’s rights activist and member of the Campaign who was imprisoned on charges related to her writings on the website of the Campaign on December 1, explained that last week "I went to Evin prison to meet with my client who is being held in public ward 3, but I was unable to meet with Jelve. One of the officials at the prison explained that in order for me to meet with my client I need to obtain written permission from the Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts."

In relation to the charges against her clients, Ms. Arzani explained that she had spoken with Jelve Javaheri after her arrest. In this phone conversation, Ms. Javaheri explained to her lawyer that she is facing charges of "propaganda against the state, disruption of public opinion, and the publication of lies."

Arzani explained further that she will go to the Revolutionary Courts again and will file papers with the courts announcing to them that she is representing Ms. Javaheri. Arzani also explained that she will request permission for a visit with her client.

On Monday December 3, 2007, a group of women’s rights activists visited with Jelve Javaheri’s mother, Ms. Gohar Bayat, and her husband, Mr. Kave Mozafari, also an active member of the Campaign. In an interview with the site of Women of Iran, Ms. Bayat, Jelve’s mother explained that "Jelve had always worked to improve the lives of women—women like myself and herself."

Parts of this interview are translated below:

Q: Ms. Bayat, do you have any information about the condition of your daughter, Jelve and what have you done to follow-up on her case and release?

A: I don’t have much information. Truly I do not understand the reason for her arrest. I was traveling and just arrived in Tehran yesterday. I went to the courts today, to discuss the case of my daughter with the judge in charge of her case. But I did not receive a response. I was unable to speak to the Judge. They just told me to go to Evin and Jelve herself.

Q: Have you spoken to Jelve since her arrest?

A: Once. Our conversation was short and limited. She said that she only had one minute to talk. But I will try to go and visit her on visiting day.

Q: What were the scope of Jelve’s social activities and why do you think she was arrested?

A: For the most part, Jelve’s activities are focused on promoting equality between men and women. She is focused whole heartedly on changing laws that discriminate against women. For example, she was very critical of this new legislation, titled the "Family Support Act" which seeks to facilitate further polygamy and as such she was actively engaged in opposing the new legislation. I don’t understand why someone who would work quietly to improve the lives of the public, especially women, should be arrested. I too, like Jelve, believe that the situation of women in our society is not good. Women are twice as active as men they work in the home and also outside of the home. But our laws are not fair with respect to women.

Q: As her mother, what do want?

A: I just want the officials to be fair. Jelve has not engaged in any illegal activity. She has only worked to improve the lives of women like myself and herself.

December 1, 2007
Jelveh Javaheri, Campaign Member Arrested, Maryam Hosseinkhah Remains in Prison

Change for Equality: December 1, 2007: Jelveh Javaheri, a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign, and a regular writer for the site of Change for Equality, was arrested earlier today, Saturday December 1, 2007, after an interrogation session at the security branch of the Revolutionary Courts.

This women’s rights activist, went to the security branch of the Revolutionary Courts, following a summons she received last week. She spent several hours in interrogation, after which she was charged with inciting of public opinion, propaganda against the state, and publication of false information, through reporting of false news on the site of the One Million Signatures Campaign, Change for Equality. Jelveh Javaheri has since been transferred to Evin Prison’s Public Ward 3.

Jelveh Javaheri is currently a MA student of Sociology and has for years been active in the women’s movement. She has written extensively for various sites, on women’s issues from a sociological perspective.

Jelveh Javaheri was one of 33 women arrested on March 4, 2007, during a peaceful protest outside the Revolutionary Courts objecting to pressures placed on women’s rights activists and the trial of 5 colleagues. Ms. Javaheri is due in court on the 18th of December in relation to her arrest in March.

Maryam Hosseinkhah another member of the One Million Signatures Campaign was imprisoned 13 days ago on similar charges and is currently being held in Evin Prison.

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