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Friday 9 November 2007

Change for Equality: Delaram Ali has been sentenced to 2 years and 6 months for her participation in a protest objecting to discriminatory laws against women in June 2006 in Hafte Tir Square. Delaram is the symbol of the younger generation of Iranian women who are educated, socially active and aware and work to achieve justice in the society in which live. They don’t view themselves as second class citizens and in line with their ideals are willing to take risks in their daily lives in an effort to achieve justice. As indicated on her resume, Delaram like many other young Iranian women of her generation is committed to building a better future for herself and her country. Below you will find Delaram’s resume.

Delaram Ali







September 2005 to Present – Cultural Centre for Child Labour- Tehran
Director of Social Work Unit

As the Director of Social Work Unit I have been in charge of different consultations and also facilitating and training workshops for women and children potential for any social abuse. The details are as follows:

• Individual and Group Consultations: giving consultations to women and children potential for any social abuse and working on their rehabilitation. These consultations are in two forms of: private and in groups. It should be noted that the unit will interfere in the crisis if required.

• Training and facilitating workshops for women: the workshops which were targeting women who are affected by abuse or potential for it: life skills , violence against women , gender issues, sexual health and sexual behaviour

• Training and facilitating workshops for Children : the workshops which were targeting children who are affected by any abuse or potential for it : life skills , Children Right Convention studies for Children

September 2006 to Present – Inter-Disciplinary study institute (IDSI) –Tehran

Project Director and Specialist

IDSI is an inter-disciplinary study institute which is based on training and research. As an active member of the training unit I prepare proposals as well as analyzing the prepared proposals by others. Also I’m involved in evaluation of the workshops held by the institute. I am also in charge of facilitating some of the workshops held by IDSI. Currently I’m the project director of a workshop on Disaster Interdisciplinary Studies which is in the process of negotiations with OCHA. I have also undertook the tasks below at IDSI:

• Member of the executive team and facilitator of a workshop on “ AIDS Inter Disciplinary Studies “ in cooperation with UNFPA

• Specialist of a workshop named “ Stop Against Women “

• Member of the executive team of a study course on “ Human Rights Anthropology” in accompany with Human Rights Section of UNESCO and Shahid Beheshty University

June 2003 - September 2004 – International Blue Crescent (IBC) – Bam
Rehabilitation Specialist

The project that I was involved in was one of the numerous projects that IBC was conducting in Bam after the disastrous earth quake which occurred in January 2002. During the project our group was giving services to people in one of the poorest regions of Bam, by the help of the people themselves. These services included: giving public health services, establishment of a kindergarten and a working place for dressmakers.

September 2003 – May 2004 – Iran Alzheimer Association – Tehran
Social Worker

As an intern I used to be in charge of giving consultations to the families of the members of Alzheimer Association. These consultations were taking place in private or in groups.

September 2002 – May 2003 – Society for Protection of the Rights of Children (SPRC) – Tehran, Social Worker for Shoush Project

Giving private consultations as well as group works with children. The social work unit was also involved in giving services on health care support.

July 2002 – October 2002 – Society for the Protection of the Socially Disadvantage Individuals (SPASDI)

Organizer of SPASDI Photo Exhibition on “Social Disadvantages”

World AIDS Day 2005 – Tehran

Organizer of the first public gathering of 11 Iranian NGO’s in Tehran for the World AIDS Day. The gathering was targeting the knowledge sharing on HIV Aids.

Additionally from the year 2002 I have been actively writing and giving social articles for different sites and papers such as Naqd-e Noe Magazine. Naqd-e Noe is one of front runner socio- economical & political magazines in Iran.


September 2002 - February 2006

Allameh Tabatabaie University – Department of Social Studies

From the time I entered university I have been considered as an active student. Being involved in student movements as well as cooperating with different magazines published in Allameh University and Tehran University. Also being an organizer of seminars.
It should be noted that my thesis was on “Civil Society’s Approach towards Child Labour” which obtained an A+.
Besides the academic studies I have also participated in workshops and seminars which are as follows:

January 2007 – Tehran

Work shop: Training of the Trainers (TOT) - UNICEF

January 2006 – Tehran

Work shop: Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) – UNICEF

October 2006 – Tunisia

Seminar : Convention of the Children’s Rights after 15 years in the Middle East and North Africa: Perspective and Achievements


Persian: mother tongue

English: good (spoken and written)


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