Delaram Ali to Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months

Sunday 4 November 2007

Change for Equality: November 4, 2007: In an unprecedented and unexpected development Delaram Ali was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in appeals court. Delaram Ali was tried originally on 29 May 2007 for her participation in the June 12, 2006 protest in support of women’s rights in Hafte Tir Square which was violently broken up by police. Delaram was beaten severely during this protest, dragged on the ground by several police officers and subsequently arrested (see picture above). She suffered a broken arm as a result of these severe beatings. Complaints were filed against police for use of excessive force and violence during the protest, by a number of women including Delaram. Last month though the judiciary found the police innocent in the case and dismissed all charges. Instead now the courts have upheld a substantial portion of Delaram’s original sentence through an appeals court ruling.

In her original trial Delaram was sentenced to 2 years and ten months prison term and 10 lashings, which was reduced to 2 years and 6 months in a ruling issued by the appeals court announced this morning. The courts have contacted Delaram in regards to implementing her sentence by the end of the week.

Iranian women’s rights defenders appeal to the national and international community to take swift action condemning the unjust ruling of the court in the case of Delaram Ali.

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  • Women everywhere are appalled at this cruel treatment of Delaram Ali for protesting for her rights. Governments which perpetuate discrimination vs. women lose favor with the rest of the world. Hopefully the Iranian officials are concerned about being seen as unfair and brutal toward their women and will lift the harsh sentence on this courageous woman.


    Cecile Meyer
    DeKalb IL 60115

  • when surpressed good women have been several times expected to would regret the deeds and decisions awoken by the conscience and sense for rightousness. this is only one more time. do we have to stop? NO! we remain confident and if there run tears on faces, that means being proud no lesser. humiliations happen, everybody contributes when standing aside, but not each rises against - the majority goes with the flow of insanity. to be made a martyr makes a difference and only individuals make the change for others, who needn’t respect. we win while we are failed!

  • We as Women in Black Bologna Italy are astonished, even if we know the cruelty of fundamentalism, we can’t accept the sentence against Delaram. All women are our sisters and it is on behalf of sisterhood that we will ever stand on your side and in particular on Delaram’s side and we’ll support any campaign against this sentence.
    In sisterhood,
    Patricia Tough (WIB Bologna-Italy)

  • Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) came into the world as a mercy unto mankind. Islam freed Bilal from slavery, relieved the oppressed, and raised the status of women. The world was to have been a freer, kinder, more just and equal place with everyone walking the straight and middle path. Seeking blessings and giving blessings was how Islamic societies were meant to be. Far have we moved from the favour of Allah and soon the judges will face the supreme judge and how will they plead? What will happen to Delaram Ali won’t reverse anything. It will accelerate the interference by others as has happened in Islamic country after country. It is self defeating. Stop and think before you bring man and Allah’s wrath on you. Let crime be punished but let those who seek to make life better for themselves and for their gender be free from persecution. Free Delaram Ali and let her campaign for a better society under a freer Islam. Learn from Mandela the lessons he has to teach

    View online : Delaram Ali to Receive Lashings and Serve Prison

  • Delaram Ali to Receive Lashings and Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months

    6 November 2007 03:10, by Geraldine Robertson

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Delaram Ali. She is a light in dark times. She is now one of a long line, across all cultures and times, who struggle for people’s full humanity. Geraldine Robertson, Women’s Web

  • I am very shocked to know the news. I will try to write a letter to relevant authorities and Iraninan Ambassador in my country, if you think it useful. It will be very much appreciated that if you can advise to whom protest letter should be addressed, or any other ways for us abroad can support your struggle. In solidarity,

  • As a woman born in Iran, I am saddened by what is happening to the pro-democracy movement in the country, particularly it’s surpression of women.

    I also have to say for the record, that I am also appalled by the US current policy of no interaction with Iran... and conscious that the Iranian government’s abuse of it’s citizens can be used by the US to excuse it’s planned invasion.

    The current regime in Iran is horrible AND I also believe in the Iranian people’s right to self-determination with help from the international community only on their terms.

    In solidarity
    Anahid Dashtgard, Toronto, Canada

  • Delaram Ali to Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months

    7 November 2007 22:26, by Cyrus

    This is a shame to all Iranians.
    When will we wake up and stand for our rights?
    Gheiratam khoob chizieh.

    Down with the Islamic Republic!

    • Delaram Ali to Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months 9 November 2007 08:00, by JACQUELINE & JACQUI TURNBULL

      Dear Delaram Ali

      We support you in your peaceful protest and deeply regret the pain and injustice you are suffering. It is a shame on Iran and an abuse of Islam.

      John & Jacqui Turnbull

    • Delaram Ali to Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months 12 November 2007 22:21, by Thomas G. Rutherford

      This is a shame to all men who would stand by and allow this kind of thing to go on. Whether they be Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or Druid, for God’s sake, all real men should be up in arms over this. What Delaram Ali wants isn’t that hard to grant, really. It’s something that women all over the world deserve — the same rights that we men have.
      What say we give them what they want, stop abusing them, and appreciate and respect them as complementary to us?

      In this specific case, if you see this, Delaram Ali, keep the faith. Justice will come someday. Meanwhile, my prayers are with you.

  • Delaram Ali to Serve Prison Term of 2 Years 6 Months

    10 November 2007 13:02, by Cary B

    I want to send a message of support to the brave Delaram Ali and to reassure her that she has support in many countries.

    Shame on the Iranian government to be doing these things.
    This is an insult to Islam to treat a woman in this way.

    It is also an insult to human rights to humiliate an innocent woman with a beating and imprisonment when she stands up against the primitive ideas amongst some in her country.

  • It’s NOT polygamy that’s practiced there - it’s polyandry where ONLY males are allowed to have several wives. Polygamy is equal where women & men can have multiple spouses.

    If men have the right to divorce, why not women?

    Level of concrete proof / witness shouldn’t depend on sex! Men could lie, just as women. It should be based on integrity of the person.

    Equal rights to all!

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