Shiraz Activists Celebrate the First Anniversary of the Campaign

Friday 2 November 2007

By: The Shiraz Communications Committee

Translated by: Leila S

Female activists in Iran have started a noteworthy campaign, titled the One Million Signatures Campaign, designed to address the basic social needs of women and as such are seeking to change discriminatory laws against women in the Iranian legal system.

One of the strong assets of the Campaign has been its capacity to develop articulate their demands through catchphrases that are both acceptable and desirable for the women of the country and applicable to all female human rights activists despite their leanings. The messages are both all-inclusive as well as inviting to other movements for support. This aspect has fortified the campaign’s validity.

Meanwhile, the One Million Signatures Campaign has in its own way extended the feminist movement from the circle of intellectuals to a universal campaign for all with a strong momentum allowing it to address various demands.

Movements that are considered similar to the campaign are based on democratic principles and emphasize goals and messages that are advocated for through peaceful and democratic means.

Therefore after the passing of one year from the start of our work with the campaign, and after gaining many valuable experiences over the last year, we remain more hopeful than before. We will be working harder and with greater determination in the quest to achieve our goals in the One Million Signatures Campaign in the year to come.

Celebration of the One Year Anniversary of the Campaign in Shiraz

On August 30, 2007, for the celebration of the one year anniversary of the One Million Signature Campaign, many gathered at the home of one of the members. We talked about various matters, and shared our common and unique experiences. We reviewed the past and made plans for the future. We blew out the candle on the anniversary cake and we prayed for the days where our laws will have the color of justice and equality.

Because space was limited we were unable to include a large group of people, and as such reach beyond our regular membership. Hopefully in the future events related to the Campaign we will be able to get a permit for a public ceremony.

All important cakes seem to be subjected to crisis! The decoration of this cake had difficulties as well; of course all of our efforts were in place for its reparation.

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