Women in Iraq’s Kurdistan Express Solidarity with Iranian Women and the Campaign

Thursday 23 August 2007

Translated by: Shirin

A seminar in collaboration with women’s institutions and organizations in Soleymanieh, Iraq, aimed to illustrate the solidarity of Kurdish Iraqi women with Iranian women and the One Million Signatures Campaign. This seminar, which was organized by the Kurdish Women’s Human Rights Institute, addressed research and analysis of discriminatory laws against women and requested all participants to announce their solidarity and support of the One Million Signatures Campaign and the women of Iran.

Mrs. Fariba Mohammadi, a women’s rights activist, elaborated on the legal changes Iranian women have requested through the Campaign, and addressed the general goals of the Campaign. Furthermore, she urged women in Iraqi Kurdistan to express their solidarity with Iranian women as they seek to reform laws that discriminate against women. Ms. Mohammadi went further to address some of the difficulties women’s rights activists have faced in their struggle for equal rights, including arrests for peaceful activities in this regard. Upon conclusion of the seminar participants were provided with the opportunity express their support for the Campaign by signing the international petition for support of this effort.

This seminar was held in March in commemoration of International Women’s Day.


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