Amnesty International Issues Urgent Action for Hedayat and 14 other Imprisoned Student Activists

Tuesday 31 July 2007

Change for Equality: Amnesty International has issued an urgent action letter with respect to the imprisonment of 15 student activists on July 9, 2007. In this urgent action, Amnesty International has expressed grave concern for these prisoners, fearing that they may be subject to ill treatment and torture. The urgent action, especially highlights the case of Bahareh Hedayat, who is a student activist and a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign. Bahareh was the only female arrested on July 9th, and has a suspended prison sentence of 2 years which may be implemented as a result of this illegal arrest. The urgent action, has also highlighted the case of Abdullah Momeni, spokesperson for the Alumni Organization of Iran (Advar). On July 9th, this organizaiton was stormed, shots fired and those present were arrested. The Organization, has since been closed. Momeni too faces possible harsh treatment while in prison. To read the urgent action issued by Amnesty and to write a letter in support of these students, visit their site.


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