One Million Signatures Campaign in Austrian derStandard

Friday 20 July 2007

Dr. Nayereh Tohidi has been interviewed by the Austrian publication derStandard about the One Million Signatures Campaign. In this interview, Dr. Tohidi explains that the factor setting the Campaign apart from other efforts addressing women’s issues in Iran, is its ability to remain in constant connection with the public, whether in homes, at the workplace, in parks, or elsewhere. Tohidi goes on to explain that the Campaign is an independent movement, and has managed to maintain its independence from government, political parties and the West. The Campaign members, according to Tohidi and outlined in this interview, are aware of the experiences of feminists in the West, but remain intent on developing their own model, which is responsive to local needs. Tohidi also explains that the movement generated in relation to the One Million Signatures Campaign is a long-term and ongoing effort. Read the article in German


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